About the project

Project title: Improving the energy efficiency of hospital buildings to protect health through the thermo-modernization and installation of energy-efficient lighting in Nowy Szpital w Nakle i Szubinie Limited liability company.

The project is needed to implement, since the low efficiency of the energy system in the hospital and the poor technical condition of its buildings causes excessive use and loss of heat and electricity, poor conditions of patients and medical staff, increased environmental pollution in the region, and a high cost of heating the buildings belonging to the hospital.

Objective of the project includes thermo-modernization of three hospital buildings, in particular thermal insulation of external walls and the flat roof, exchange of windows and doors, installation of thermo-valves, energy-saving lighting and photovoltaic system.

The project will:

  • contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution,
  • reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere,
  • reduce the demand for heat and electricity in the hospital  and  thereby reduce costs of heating hospital buildings,
  • improve conditions for patients, 
  • improve the working conditions of hospital staff.

In the long term the project will reduce the emission of pollution, which will improve the environment and the quality of living conditions in Nakło county, which will increase the competitiveness, and development of the region. 

The beneficiary of the project is the community in Nakło county, patients and hospital staff and the applicant – the hospital in Nakło and Szubin.


Jarosław Gierszewski,

phone: (52) 385 27 44,